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Our technology regulates the use of camera and browser functions, encrypted messaging, games and social media, replicating existing controls found in the workplace, such as internal networks and work issued devices. Blackout helps companies protect sensitive data and meet their regulatory obligations by limiting unrecordable communications, ensuring greater use of existing authorised channels of communication. By regulating non-essential smart device functionality, Blackout's proprietary technology also helps to minimise distractions and improve productivity.


Better Security, Greater Certainty

After a control is triggered, registered smart devices go ‘dumb' – losing unauthorised functionality.

  • Regulate accessible apps
  • Disable camera and recording functionalities
  • Disable encrypted messaging platforms
  • Disable social media platforms and games
  • Limit unrecordable communications
Better Security, Greater Certainty

Restricted Zones

Utilising a non-invasive combination of proprietary cutting-edge technologies, Blackout defines restricted areas of the workplace and regulates the smart devices within them. Blackout's system locates and identifies smart devices in defined areas, ensuring they adhere to the employer's security and compliance policies. The technology can also have a beneficial impact on workplace productivity by removing the ability for employees to access unauthorised functionality on their smart devices.

Monitoring and Enforcement

Employees within the designated area are limited to regulated and monitored communication channels.

Improved Productivity

Removing unwarranted workplace distractions helps employees focus on tasks and enables them to be more productive.

Monitoring and Enforcement


  • Contextually restricting mobile devices based on client needs: in office, remote and on the move.
  • Controlled spaces created using a non-invasive combination of cutting-edge proprietary technologies to provide smart device and app management
  • Rapid deployment through the Google play store & Apple app store
  • Compatible across iOS and Android devices

Product Features

  • Location-based regulation
  • API to integrate with existing systems
  • Time-based filtering option
  • Comprehensive administration platform
  • Real-time reporting options
  • Network-agnostic compatibility
  • Policy violation response system
  • Fleet management
  • Device policy enforcement
Product Features