Protect your sensitive corporate information against the risks from mobile devices and social media exposure.

Our Blackout software is revolutionary technology for mobile devices that enables companies to reduce exposure to potential security breaches in the workplace.

Keep your information where it belongs

Blackout Technologies offers employers total control over that which employees can access via their mobile devices, including the ability to disable the camera and browser functions, and block the launching of apps on iOS and Android.

This drastically limits the amount of data that could be removed or sent by rogue employees.

Deactivate distractions, reactivate productivity

Studies show that even though an employee may only look at their device for a few minutes, it is the amount of time that it takes them to get back on task after such an interaction that is even more detrimental in the workplace.

Effortlessly simple

We’ve spent a lot of time developing the desktop and mobile apps to create an intuitive design for an optimal user experience.

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The massive financial impact of work hours lost to media use has gone relatively unnoticed...until now

Even at unrealistic levels of US$30/hour average wage and US$100/hour average value of work, the total financial loss per employee to a Company is approximately US$29,250 per annum even for just 1 hour of distraction per day. When scaled to fit small, medium, and large enterprises, the losses are quite clearly devastating.

Calculate your own Company losses
Total Annual Loss
US$? per employee
Annual Cost of Blackout
US$15 per device per month

Work now, talk later

The problem of the use of non-essential applications and social media in the work place has reached epidemic proportions, and is a true reflection of the state of the world and the majority of people under the age of 45.

What we do

Blackout Technologies will provide employers with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile App Management (MAM) software to enable the restriction of mobile devices and control access to Non-Essential Internet and Mobile Social Media in the workplace.

Blackout Technologies will also give employers the tools to fight against corporate espionage and decrease the risk of sensitive material being leaked.

Blackout uses cutting edge technology to reduce information security risks
Disable camera functionality
Total control over accessable sites and apps