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Contextually restricting smart devices at work

Security and compliance technology that regulates the use of smart devices in defined spaces

Empowering your organisation

Our Solution

Utilising a combination of cutting-edge technologies, Blackout Technologies provides companies and employers with a comprehensive software solution that enables the restriction of mobile devices and controlling of non-essential applications and camera functionalities in the workplace and during work hours.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure employees are complying with company policies and industry regulations.

  • FCA & MiFID II
  • GDPR

Information Security

Keep your sensitive information where it belongs.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Mobility Compliance


Deactivate distractions, reactivate productivity. Optimise efficiency / productivity. • Financial Impact • ROI (Calculator)

Fleet Management

Eliminate distractions, drive responsibly.

  • On-road safety & compliance
  • FNOL - Crash detection system
  • Reduced insurance costs

Health & Safety

Better safety, greater certainty.

  • Reduce on-site incidents
  • Promote on-site safety
  • Comply with industry safety regulations
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Where we work

Blackout can regulate devices based on specific clients needs using a combination of location-based, scheduling and API methodologies to regulate the smart devices encapsulated within the defined parameters.
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Remote working

Integrate schedules and via API with existing systems.

Secure locations - image

Secure locations

Secure locations using a combination of location-based blocking mechanisms.

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Fleet management

Limit mobile device functionality whilst operating company owned vehicles.


Blackout can help multiple verticals solve the ever increasing challenges of the presence of smart devices in the workplace.
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Financial services

Improve information security and regulatory compliance by contextually restricting smart device use in secure areas of the workplace both on-site and remote work setups.

Contact centres & BPOs - image

Contact centres & BPOs

Improve information security and regulatory compliance by contextually regulating smart device use for agents with access to confidential and sensitive information and mitigate against risks associated with Data Loss Prevention.

Fleet Management - image

Fleet Management

Reduce distractions, keep drivers legal, and enable drivers to stay focused behind the wheel by contextually restricting personal smart device use while they are operating company owned vehicles.

Construction - image


Contextually restrict smart device use to reduce distractions in hazardous working environments to improve worker and site safety.

Security & Facilities Management - image

Security & Facilities Management

Ensure that companies' workforces are not distracted by their smart devices, improve productivity and optimise workforce efficiency.

R&D Functions - image

R&D Functions

The UK spends a sum equivalent to 1.66% of GDP on average on R&D, with organisations seeking new innovations across nearly all sectors of the economy, especially healthcare, software, chemicals and materials, and TMT (Technology, Media, and Telecoms). Protecting R&D departments from data leakage and industrial espionage requires significant investment in secure systems and facilities.

Health & Safety - image

Health & Safety

Management of healthcare information has become more challenging for regulatory compliance with increased integration of patient records and expanded access to data for individuals and clinicians. In a strictly regulated, high-risk industry information security and the protection of patient privacy is vital.

Education | Schools - image

Education | Schools

Enable the effective restriction of smart devices and control access to apps and functionality, helping students to enjoy a better learning environment.