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Once thrown off track, it can take some 23 minutes for a worker to return to the original task

- Professor Gloria Mark, University of California, Irvine.
(The Cost of Interrupted Work: More Speed and Stress)


Smart device abuse inhibits productivity and, as a result, translates into significant hidden financial costs for companies.

Currently, employers can restrict access to social media and non-essential platforms on laptops and desktops, but there are few options available to companies to regulate access via smart devices, regardless of network connectivity.

Financial Impact

The significant financial impact of work hours lost to unnecessary mobile and social media use has gone relatively unnoticed.

  • Studies show that employees spend a minimum of one hour per day accessing unnecessary mobile applications and social media whilst at work
  • Although this may not stand out of the annual accounts, there is a clear financial cost associated with unproductive behavior in the workplace
  • Not only is the employee paid for unproductive time spent on their smart device, but the work not being completed has a value to the company, either as billable hours or contractual obligation.

Return On Investment

Our base case ROI assumption conservatively assumes employees waste an hour of their normal working day needlessly interacting with their smart devices. Although, there is a wide and increasing body of research suggesting higher levels of productivity attrition.

On a 'minimum wage' assumption of £10.00 per hour, (before employment taxes, such as National Insurance in the UK) over the course of a year each employee stands to waste £2,520 of paid time on their devices, when they should be fulfilling their employment obligations.

When considering the multiplier effect of employees across an organisation adopting similarly unproductive behaviours, the calculator below can help you estimate the savings to your organisation from using our system.

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Cost of Blackout

Blackout operates a £10 per user monthly software as a service (SaaS) subscription model, similar to a typical mobile phone contract's terms (with minimum contract lengths).