As a response to the global pandemic and the necessity to safeguard employees returning to the workplace, Blackout is already an extremely advanced workplace contact tracing platform and GDPR compliant. Using its existing proprietary technology, Blackout has developed a standalone contact tracing app, called


A safer return to work, helping companies reopen workplaces as the world focuses on restarting the global economy.


[b-19]’s thermal imaging capability can detect people entering the workplace with relatively high body temperatures that may imply sickness.


[b-19]’s contact tracing technology can trace the interactions and movements of employees who have tested positive for Covid-19 in the workplace and stores historical data for 30 days.


[b-19] can integrate with all corporate service desk systems, which will enable your organisation to rapidly respond and manage these risks. 


[b-19] is Blackout’s contact tracing solution to some of the current safeguarding issues that companies are facing when trying to bring their employees back to the office.

Unlocking Workplaces

Created by Blackout Technologies, [b-19] holds the key to a safer return to work. It enables employers to contact-trace the colleagues of employees contracting Covid-19, limiting the spread of the virus and protecting the wider workforce. The system uses a non-invasive, GDPR-compliant combination of beacon technology and Bluetooth signals to monitor smart device proximities within workplaces. [b-19] helps employers and employees to feel safer about their return to work with real-time contact-tracing capabilities.


[b-19] can enable companies to responsibly safeguard their workforce as part of the world’s post-lockdown recovery.

How it works

[b-19] is a thermal imaging and proximity-focused system using a combination of real time signal data to pinpoint users’ changing locations in workspaces in relation to each other, enabling effective workplace contact-tracing for workers who fall ill with Covid-19. It's GDPR-compliant and not invasive unlike other contact-tracing apps, making it easier for employers focused on employee safety to roll-out.


[b-19] has teamed-up with an NHS approved thermal imaging company to provide a comprehensive early warning detection of high temperatures in individuals and digital contact tracing solution.

Proactivity = Confidence

By utilising [b-19] and thermal imaging, employers will have the necessary tools to remain vigilant in the safeguarding of employees in the workplace.

  • Efficiency: 60 people screened per minute.
  • Rapid deployment and easily managed.
  • Safe. No contact with individuals.
  • Accurate to +/- 0.5 degrees.
  • Regulator approved in UK and the USA.
  • Deployed by the NHS.


[b-19] is a UK technology which aims to give global workforces the confidence to re-enter the workplace, helping them stay healthy.

Bringing the World back to work

A recent poll conducted by Opinium found:

  • 70% of workers felt the UK will suffer long-term damage without an imminent return to work
  • Almost half of those not in their usual workplace (45%) are ready to return to work
  • Of those not ready for an imminent return to work the key factor is fear of catching the virus in the workplace (59%)

[b-19] helps employers comply with new workplace safety measures, demonstrating their commitment to the health and well-being of their staff.

Similarly, [b-19] can help employees feel confident about returning to work.

[b-19] Offering